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Chris has been a Financial Advisor for close to 30 years.

Chris Horsten

Financial Advisor

Mission Statement

I started my financial profession in 1993 after a brief career as an accountant. The accounting industry just didn’t offer the kind of personal interactions I wanted, so I decided to start a seasonal tax preparation company, but ultimately realized that I found great personal satisfaction helping people reach their personal financial goals. I signed on with one of Canada’s largest financial planning companies and began building a clientele.

Twenty years later I help manage the wealth of over 200 families. But my clients see me as much more than that. Often they come to me looking for help buying a new car, or about a renovation. I’ve been called on for all sorts of things, but ultimately it’s about trust. When there’s trust in the relationship people feel free to engage on almost any level, and that’s a hallmark of my practice.

Outside of work and family, my involvement in our church gives opportunity to serve in our community, and around the world. My heart is to see young people find their faith, and to help them reach their potential. My passion for everything aviation has resulted in the creation of a light aircraft distributorship. Sport Aircraft Brokers Ltd is a company owned by me that brings aviation within reach of the average Canadian, helping make dreams of flight come true.

Personal Financial Services

Providing an extensive range of services and strategies to meet the unique needs of our clients.

See below for the full list of personalized financial services we offer.

Mutual Funds

With over 10,000 mutual funds, selecting the right tool for the job can be intimidating. We help our clients choose the right investment based on their financial goals and risk tolerance.

Estate Planning

Careful Estate Planning can make the difference between leaving a legacy of hardship or of a seamless transfer of wealth. Estate Planning if properly considered is just as important as wise investing. We work with you to ensure that your assets are protected, and can be passed to your loved ones without complication.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is about managing expectations. Setting retirement goals shouldn’t be about picking a random number and working towards it. We take the time to look at your lifestyle and help craft a plan that transitions you away from work so you can focus on the important things like family, travel, and living securely.

Investment Management Services

At Chris Horsten Family Wealth Management, we provide professional and confidential asset management services for all your financial needs. With over 20 years in the Financial Services Industry, you can rest assured that your investments are handled with care and experience.

Life, Accident & Sickness Insurance

Life is unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean your family has to suffer financial hardships when the unthinkable happens. We look closely at all your potential needs and desires, whether it’s ensuring your income will continue, creating a college fund, or taking advantage of tax strategies, we have the tools that let you sleep at night.

Portfolio Analysis

Understanding a little about your investment portfolio can go a long way towards investing with confidence. We dig deep into all the investments you own and provide detailed analysis that you can understand.

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    You and your family doctor take care of your health, and likewise you and your financial advisor should work together to take care of your financial health. Both are partnerships that are important to your well-being, and ultimately will affect your relationships.
    – Chris Horsten

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